Projects & Investments


In today’s globalised business world, the interconnections across industries are growing. Investments travel far and wide, across oceans and continents, and Cyprus is an ideal location to realise their potential.

Our RPT Group is proud of the relationships it has built over the years with international investors, and we understand that they are looking for secured long-term returns on their investments.

The breadth of activities of the Group opens up a number of attractive investment opportunities in Cyprus’ key industries, with the additional advantage of the country’s geographical location in the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing a regional potential to local investments.

We have a number of projects that we are looking to bring to life:

  • Creation of oil and gas operating support hub for the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Development of offices and warehouse facilities close to Limassol Port
  • Establishment of mooring services for Ship-to-Ship operations

If you are interested in working with the RPT Group, contact us