Reginos Tsanos takes the reins of the Cyprus Shipping Association

December 18th, 2015

Reginos Tsanos takes the reins of the Cyprus Shipping Association

Reginos Tsanos, the CEO of one of Cyprus’ very first shipping companies Lavar Shipping, has been elected as President of the Cyprus Shipping Association, assuming the leadership of one of the most important and prestigious organisations in the Cyprus shipping industry. His election was announced at the CSA’s Annual General Assembly on Thursday 17 December, and he will serve a two-year term.

Tsanos’ election comes at a time when there are exciting and crucial new developments taking place, not only in the shipping industry, but also further afield. The inauguration earlier this year of the VTTV oil terminal at Vasilikos, the anticipated privatisation of the Limassol Port, the renewed interest of oil majors to proceed with drilling next year in the Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as the developments in the talks aimed at resolving the Cyprus Problem, all shape the environment for what is likely to be a term filled with challenges as well as opportunities.

The CSA was established in 1945 to provide a professional forum for the shipping agents of Cyprus. In 1954 the Association was registered under the provisions of the local Trade Unions Law, and became the official body representing the profession in Cyprus. Tsanos’ Lavar Shipping, a multi-faceted organisation, offering traditional and specialised maritime services to the local and international industry which this year celebrated its 50-year anniversary, has been a member of the CSA since its early stages.

“It is a great honour and privilege to be elected as President of the Association at such a crucial time for our industry, and I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board to help overcome the major challenges for our profession and take the right steps forward”, said Tsanos. “We are all operating in a very competitive environment, but an important component of our job is to assist our country in staying at the forefront of shipping globally. Our industry will undoubtedly be shaped by recent developments, as well as the potential to turn Cyprus into a Container and other Commodities hub Port. We will do our utmost to help maximise the positive impacts for Cyprus and its economy”, added Tsanos.