About Us

With a history dating back as far as 1965 the RPT Tsanos Group has grown to encompass a diversified range of companies,offering services across five inter-connected industries: Maritime, Energy, Travel, Property, and Environment.

With offices in both Cyprus and Greece,
the Group represents the completion of
the vision of entrepreneur Pantelis Tsanos,
who took his first steps in the business world as a merchant in the late 1950s, chartering of vessels for the export of traditional Cyprus products.

Over half a century later, the Group has grown to encompass companies that can offer integrated service packages, with a growing specialisation in the burgeoning oil and gas sector. Keeping constantly abreast of developments in its fields of expertise, the RPT Tsanos Group aims to offer the highest quality of services to both local and international companies and investors, always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities.

Its companies and their specialised business units support the growing and evolving demands of clients in a number of locations. This evolution was the result of a concerted effort involving years of hard work, together with innovative and forward-thinking management, as well as significant financial and human-resource investment. With an outstanding track record as a base, the Group continues to broaden and strengthen its portfolio, building long-lasting client relationships based on reliability, strong performance and trust.


The RPT Tsanos Group playing a leading role in developing Cyprus as a financial, shipping and energy hub, facilitating business connections across the Eastern Mediterranean region.


To provide top-quality integrated business solutions, constantly innovating and enabling our clients and partners to achieve their business objectives.