In other words, environmental protection, occupational health, and safety at work, are all essential components of modern business practices, across all industries and sectors. Companies are being called upon to respond to regulatory requirements, the implications of which must become part of day-to-day operations.

Moreover, following the boom in the oil and gas industry in recent years across the Mediterranean region, the need for greater environmental protection has become all the more important. In light of these developments, RPT Tsanos Group has positioned itself as a regional leader in both planning and safeguarding the environment.

As part of its wide range of services, the RPT Tsanos Group provides EHS services and consultancy to all its clients, with specialised companies staffed by experienced professionals who can help navigate new and established businesses through the EHS nexus.

vss epe

VSS-EPE, founded in 2014, with the company offering the full range of marine environment protection and spill response services in Cyprus